New Build

Venture Construction is able to tender for an size of new build project. We have the resources to build anything from a single housing project up to large hotels, office buildings or commercial and not commercial property.

We are happy to take on the whole new build project from start to finish or manage specialised sections as required.

New Build Project Gallery- 21 Flats in Barnet

As well as traditional construction methods there are many alternative approaches for new build projects but please contact us for our advice and expertise and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements with you. Here are a few alternative new build methods:

1) Prefab Buildings & Modular Kits
Modular buildings and modular homes are sectional prefabricated buildings or houses consisting of multiple modules or sections which are manufactured off site and then delivered to their intended site of use. The modules are assembled into a single residential building using either a crane or trucks.

2) Panelised Kits
As opposed to Modular Homes, Panelised kit homes are smaller manufactured sections such as wall lengths consisting of inner drywall, windows, insulation and cladding. They are pre-manufactured and delivered to the site for manual erection. Panelised kit homes are increasingly popular with the owner builder mainly because they are cheap to build and onsidered one of the easiest kits to put together.

3) Post Kits
Post and beam timber framing creates framed structures of heavy timber which are then joint together by various means, but most commonly lap jointing. They are then later pegged mortise and tenon joints.